In honor and commitment with Robert’s passion and desire to help people in need, we are helping individuals in need with necessary home repairs that are unobtainable to them due to physical, financial or other constraints. Being a firefighter for the city of Houston was the dream job of Robert. His lifelong history of always helping others and putting others before himself made him perfect for the job. Robert Bebee was one of four Houston firefighters, now honored as “The Southwest IV,” who lost their lives fighting the 5-alarm motel fire in Southwest Houston on May 31, 2013. Bebee died doing what he loved most: being a firefighter!

After his death we decided to carry on his tradition of helping others by teaming up with local agencies and finding individuals whose homes are in need of repair and coordinating with contractors to get the jobs done right. Doing a job right was very important to Robert. When we come into people’s homes we want it to be right so they can go on with their lives without having the worry of a home repair lurking over them. We want to make people’s homes a home again.